An effective governance structure is an essential element for the success of any organisation, particularly for family-owned businesses.

Khoury Consulting can assist with an assessment of the governance needs of your organisation and how best to address those requirements. One such solution can be the establishment of an advisory board. This is particularly beneficial to SMEs where there are a number of owners/shareholders/directors of the business. An effective advisory board can provide the strategic advice and skills required to take your small or medium business to the next level.

As part of the assessment of the governance needs of the organisation we can also undertake a risk assessment and develop & monitor a risk register ensuring all risks are appropriately identified, assessed and mitigation strategies developed.

We are also available to serve as independent non-executive members on advisory boards and boards of organisations across Australia, including privately-owned businesses, professional services firms, not-for-profit organisations, member-based organisations and government bodies.

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