business-transformationBusiness transformation is a strategic and continuous process that is vital to successfully implementing business strategy, achieving your organisation’s vision and building capability. This process involves aligning your people, processes, organisational structure and technology with your business strategy and vision. It requires developing your business culture and expanding capabilities to meet long-term objectives. The need for business transformation may be caused by:

  • A desire to increase profits or revenue
  • External changes in the market
  • Changes to funding or income streams
  • New regulations
  • Increased market competition.

Khoury Consulting delivers transformation services through careful planning and execution, using a defined methodology that begins with identifying the opportunity and leads to the implementation of the initiative. We provide PRINCE2 qualified professionals who are able to lead a program of initiatives or manage a single project. Our business transformation services include:

  • Project management
  • Providing an independent perspective by being an independent member on a project steering committee or a project board
  • Undertaking a QA of a project to ensure the project is on track to deliver
  • Conducing post-implementation reviews

As any corporate executive who has undertaken transformation knows, it is hard work and time-consuming. It requires careful planning and resources, and it can be costly. But transformation of a function such as finance is critical in order to keep up with the changing needs and strategies of the business. Successful business transformations have one common principle: alignment with, and support of, the organisation’s strategic direction. This requires a thorough understanding of the talent, processes and technologies an organisation will need to accomplish the strategic vision. With CFOs becoming more engaged in corporate strategy, finance transformations are a critical path to prepare organisations for the changes that strategy execution requires. How can an organisation enter new markets, offer new products, acquire companies, assess customer behaviour, find gaps in supply chains, and take advantage of big data and today’s analytic tools without some form of finance transformation? And what about cyber-security? Are today’s finance systems as prepared as they should be to manage cyber-security risks? If you’re ready to address these questions and transform YOUR business, contact us now.