Performance-ImprovementSuccessful organisations – whether businesses or public sector entities – continually examine their performance. This involves reviewing cost and policy drivers, seeking opportunities to enhance efficiency and taking advantage of opportunities arising from new technologies and changes in regulation, consumer behaviours and economic conditions. Khoury Consulting can help you improve processes, profitability and cost optimisation by:

  • Establishing performance benchmarks and indicators more closely aligned with your business objectives
  • Developing performance and cost management systems
  • Analysing the profitability of individual products, services and customers
  • Identifying performance improvement opportunities
  • Designing and implementing process redesign
  • Enhancing corporate and finance functions and services

We can build complex financial models that enable stakeholders to predict possible future impacts. Applications of our models include capital financing, activity-based costing and operational models. Our financial planning service includes assessment and advice on contemporary budgeting practices and solutions to help you budget and forecast efficiently. We use financial modelling techniques based on Excel, commercial, proprietary or cloud-based solutions. Khoury Consulting can help determine the cost of running your corporate areas including finance, information technology, human resources and procurement. We can also help you find new ways to deliver the same services at reduced costs to your business, especially by introducing contemporary practices and leveraging the latest cloud technology. Learn more about how we can help your business improve – contact us today.